Turning the pages on her book!

Eleanor is getting soooo good at being able to turn the pages on her book all by herself! I love watching her “read” as she runs her hands all over the pages & turns her head from side to side. She is doing great at exploring her books.

*Im trying to teach her how to tap on the textured parts of the books to tell me she wants me to push the buttons for her to activate the sounds since the buttons are very difficult to push by herself.

Published by Faithforeleanor

This is a blog for those who would like to follow our miracle girl, Eleanor Faith. Eleanor’s primary (but not only) diagnoses are: 1. Schizencephaly (2nd rarest brain malformation- missing 2/3 of her brain) 2. A large brain cyst 3. No Corpus Collosum (the band of nerves connecting left & right hemispheres of the brain so that they work together- vital for anything requiring coordination- ie holding anything with both hands, walking, etc etc) 4. Hydrocephalus (water on the brain) 5. Bilateral Anophthalmia (no eye balls- completely blind) 6. Septo optic dysplasia (no optic nerves & etc) She was also diagnosed with Holoprosencephaly (another rare brain malformation where the left and right hemispheres of the brain failed to divide in utero), but this diagnosis has been removed from her medical file because of brain growth & development that occurred after she was 4 mo old. At this time, her brain also miraculously grew from less than 1/3 of a brain to almost an entire brain (with only tiny portion still missing). She has also developed about 1/3 of her Corpus Collosum (previously she had none). Around 8mo old, she also developed secondary Craniosynostosis (all of her skull sutures fused prematurely) due to medical malpractice by her surgeon. This caused her head to be misshapen & she required a craniotomy to allow room for her brain growth. Eleanor was not expected to survive birth, but at 2 years old, she is thriving, happy, & filled with spunk! She was fearfully & wonderfully made by God. Eleanor is loved & adored by her family just as she is. 😍 You are invited to follow her journey!

8 thoughts on “Turning the pages on her book!

    1. Was it the alphabet one???? I was wondering where it came from! There was no note! That is an awesome book! I will send u some photos of her reading it with me! Do u have a phone number I can text? Im not on Messenger anymore…


    2. Hi Lorraine! Yes! It was that one! I filled out the gift note section. I’m sorry it wasn’t there. I hesitate putting my phone number here. If you would email me, I can give you my phone number through email.

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      1. Oh absolutely. I wouldnt want u to post it here. I meant because you can send me a private message through Eleanor’s website. Its ok tho- I went on Messenger & sent u my contact info. Plz text me!


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