Helping with sissy!

Someone wants to help take care of her big sissy! Dahlia is always trying to give Eleanor her sippy cup, hook her up with toys, & give her other mischievous things to play with & explore (like cds 🤦‍♀️)….. lol

In her Sunday best!

Eleanor was all decked out for church yesterday. Her sissy loved it when Eleanor was standing so she could stand in front of her!

Arizona Lake!

We went to an amazing lake for Mother’s Day! We all had an amazing time! Eleanor really CAME ALIVE though! She loved when the water would splash up on her. She kept feeling the water, rocks, & pebbles/sand. She was exploring & chattering & squealing with delight! And oh my, how big she’s getting!

Singing in church!

Eleanor loves singing in church during worship time! 🤩She even goes “shhhh” when her daddy shushes her after the music stops. 🤫


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