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Eleanor was diagnosed with multiple brain abnormalities as well as complete blindness (no eye balls or optic nerves) in utero. She was given a 1% chance of being born alive and we were strongly encouraged to abort her. They said that IF she was born alive, which they did not expect, she would be in a vegetative state & would not even be able to breathe on her own. Eleanor was born via c-section in April 2018. Today, she has passed her 2nd birthday and breathes on her own, eats by mouth, communicates mostly via sign language, is sharp as a tack, & joyful as can be! She’s been through 3 surgeries (1 to fix a malpractice issue & the other 2 because of fluid build up in her head) but is spunky, thriving, & learning new things each day!

We invite you to follow her journey as she continues to beat the odds & walks the path God has laid before her! She truly is a miracle & we are blessed to have her & share her life with those who are inspired by her story! God bless you all.

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This is a blog for those who would like to follow our miracle girl, Eleanor Faith. Eleanor’s primary (but not only) diagnoses are: 1. Schizencephaly (2nd rarest brain malformation- missing 2/3 of her brain) 2. A large brain cyst 3. No Corpus Collosum (the band of nerves connecting left & right hemispheres of the brain so that they work together- vital for anything requiring coordination- ie holding anything with both hands, walking, etc etc) 4. Hydrocephalus (water on the brain) 5. Bilateral Anophthalmia (no eye balls- completely blind) 6. Septo optic dysplasia (no optic nerves & etc) She was also diagnosed with Holoprosencephaly (another rare brain malformation where the left and right hemispheres of the brain failed to divide in utero), but this diagnosis has been removed from her medical file because of brain growth & development that occurred after she was 4 mo old. At this time, her brain also miraculously grew from less than 1/3 of a brain to almost an entire brain (with only tiny portion still missing). She has also developed about 1/3 of her Corpus Collosum (previously she had none). Around 8mo old, she also developed secondary Craniosynostosis (all of her skull sutures fused prematurely) due to medical malpractice by her surgeon. This caused her head to be misshapen & she required a craniotomy to allow room for her brain growth. Eleanor was not expected to survive birth, but at 2 years old, she is thriving, happy, & filled with spunk! She was fearfully & wonderfully made by God. Eleanor is loved & adored by her family just as she is. 😍 You are invited to follow her journey!

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