Getting used to sissy!

Omgosh, my heart is so full! Eleanor has REALLY warmed up to her baby sister.

She used to want nothing to do with her, then barely tolerate her…now all of the sudden she is signing all the time for her (we taught her a sign for “Baby Dahlia”)! She keeps wanting to touch her, hold her, & play with her. And she grind so big when she gets to! So when she signs for her, I bring Dahlia over to her so they can play/interact/whatever u wanna call it.

They were being so sweet today. Eleanor was feeling all over Dahlia & smiling at each other. She even wanted to give her kisses (didnt get that on video tho).

Then later, they were playing with the same toy. Eleanor decided she wasnt going to share her Bow-Wow toy with her baby sister so she took it away from her reach and hugged it to herself! She’s never ever grabbed that toy with both arms, let alone hugged it to herself. Sure seems like a “typical” toddler way to treat her little sister! 🤣

I cant wait to watch their relationship blossom & develop more & more. 💜💜💜

Thank you, Jesus.

Published by Faithforeleanor

This is a blog for those who would like to follow our miracle girl, Eleanor Faith. Eleanor’s primary (but not only) diagnoses are: 1. Schizencephaly (2nd rarest brain malformation- missing 2/3 of her brain) 2. A large brain cyst 3. No Corpus Collosum (the band of nerves connecting left & right hemispheres of the brain so that they work together- vital for anything requiring coordination- ie holding anything with both hands, walking, etc etc) 4. Hydrocephalus (water on the brain) 5. Bilateral Anophthalmia (no eye balls- completely blind) 6. Septo optic dysplasia (no optic nerves & etc) She was also diagnosed with Holoprosencephaly (another rare brain malformation where the left and right hemispheres of the brain failed to divide in utero), but this diagnosis has been removed from her medical file because of brain growth & development that occurred after she was 4 mo old. At this time, her brain also miraculously grew from less than 1/3 of a brain to almost an entire brain (with only tiny portion still missing). She has also developed about 1/3 of her Corpus Collosum (previously she had none). Around 8mo old, she also developed secondary Craniosynostosis (all of her skull sutures fused prematurely) due to medical malpractice by her surgeon. This caused her head to be misshapen & she required a craniotomy to allow room for her brain growth. Eleanor was not expected to survive birth, but at 2 years old, she is thriving, happy, & filled with spunk! She was fearfully & wonderfully made by God. Eleanor is loved & adored by her family just as she is. 😍 You are invited to follow her journey!

9 thoughts on “Getting used to sissy!

    1. Weird! I dont know why the videos arent playing for you. I had my daughter try on her phone & she had the same problem. She started manually scrolling through one of the videos & then it started working. 🤷‍♀️
      I deleted the videos just now & then reloaded them. So if u get the chance, try to view them again! Let me know if it still isnt working plz.


    2. I didnt get it on tape! I’ll try to get it sometime soon! She does phrases when signing. So she signed for “hold” & then “Dahlia”. “Hold” for her is where she grabs her forearm with the hand on the opposite arm. “Dahlia” is where she places the back of one hand on the palm of the other. But she does it mostly with her fingertips instead of her whole hands. I’ll try to get it on tape!


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