Eleanor playing with/activating her toys by herself!

She’s such a smartie! She knows her different toys & how to play with and/or activate each one! Im so proud of her. ❤️

With bow-wow she treats him like a little radio. She places him where he’s easy for her to activate & lets him play while she plays with other toys. But when he shuts off, she activates him again before going back to her other toys. 😆

With the gears toy, she likes to feel them rotate! This is a new toy for her & she sure enjoys it! She also learned how to activate the button but likes to be lazy & make me do it for her sometimes. 😝

The jiggling ball toy is one of her oldie but goodies. She just loves to make it move & knows just what to do to make that happen!

Cookies to teach chewing??

Eleanor has food texture issues. She only eats pureed foods so far. She can take very little texture in her pureed foods before gagging. One issue is that she doesnt chew. She’s never done that motion & I dont think she gets how or why to do it so far.

Well yesterday we decided to try something new- an Oreo cookie! She LOVED it! She would bite little bits off (progress!) & even made the chewing motion a few times with little pieces in her mouth (HUGE progress!) without gagging!

Could Oreo cookies be the gateway food to help Eleanor learn chewing & move on to solids?!! 🤔 This will also teach her self-feeding, which she hasnt been able to do much of yet.

Getting used to sissy!

Omgosh, my heart is so full! Eleanor has REALLY warmed up to her baby sister.

She used to want nothing to do with her, then barely tolerate her…now all of the sudden she is signing all the time for her (we taught her a sign for “Baby Dahlia”)! She keeps wanting to touch her, hold her, & play with her. And she grind so big when she gets to! So when she signs for her, I bring Dahlia over to her so they can play/interact/whatever u wanna call it.

They were being so sweet today. Eleanor was feeling all over Dahlia & smiling at each other. She even wanted to give her kisses (didnt get that on video tho).

Then later, they were playing with the same toy. Eleanor decided she wasnt going to share her Bow-Wow toy with her baby sister so she took it away from her reach and hugged it to herself! She’s never ever grabbed that toy with both arms, let alone hugged it to herself. Sure seems like a “typical” toddler way to treat her little sister! 🤣

I cant wait to watch their relationship blossom & develop more & more. 💜💜💜

Thank you, Jesus.

Turning the pages on her book!

Eleanor is getting soooo good at being able to turn the pages on her book all by herself! I love watching her “read” as she runs her hands all over the pages & turns her head from side to side. She is doing great at exploring her books.

*Im trying to teach her how to tap on the textured parts of the books to tell me she wants me to push the buttons for her to activate the sounds since the buttons are very difficult to push by herself.