Playing CATCH!

We tried something new! Playing catch! You can imagine it’s a hard concept when you can’t SEE what’s going on! She did so well for her first real time playing catch since she was a baby! She got the concept of PUSHING it at least! She even signed “ball” when she wanted her dad to send it back! She does tend to throw herself around wrecklessly…especially when she’s excited. 🤩 She really got her whole bod in there when it came time to send the ball back. 😆

Happy Sunday!

A happy Sunday from our family to yours! Just a few pics of our blessing sitting & playing in her play area today. She made some adorable expressions we just had to share! God bless you all. What a great Creator we have!

Oh the sweetness….
Being silly! 😝 She likes to put her hands behind her lately when she’s sitting something… especially if she’s just chilling listening to music like she was here!
Her newest silliness…ducky lips! 🦆
Just enjoying her music….

Sitting so tall!

Look how tall this girl is getting! You can really see it when she sits up so straight! We’ve discovered that she sits up so well if we put her back against something. She doesn’t even lean on it…she just likes to feel something touching her back. We think it makes her feel more confident & secure. She sits way taller that way as opposed to when she isn’t up against something!